At TSYS, I worked on self-service products used across the retail, banking and merchant industries.

TSYS acquired Infonox in 2008 and I worked there till 2013.
TSYS (Now Global Payments) was the second largest merchant acquirer after First Data corp.
I worked on about 10-12 projects in total.
I wish I could show you every one of them, but here are 3 good ones.

The Transending E2E Enterprise Merchant solution

    TSYS and Infonox (2002-2012)
  • To say that this project was a monstrous undertaking, would be a gross understatement.
    I first started working on Transending in 2002 when I started at Infonox, till I left TSYS in 2013.
  • Transending was a COMPLETE Enterprise level, End-to-End Merchant transaction lifecycle solution.
    It was comprised of 3 modules (With a total of about 80-100 individual pages).
  • An Agent Center for agents to acquire merchants and manage their sales (see below).
  • A Merchant Center for merchants to apply for an account and manage their transactions (see below).
  • A Back Office for underwriters to process applications and do other backoffice tasks (see below).
  • I was the design lead for this product for 11 years (about 25% allocation), constantly, maintaining and updating elements of all three systems. Leading my UI/UX team to deliver UX assets and marketing materials. (See slides from my presentation below)
  • Since Global payments has acquired TSYS in 2019, the E2E solution has been broken into smaller digestible monetizable components. Transending no longer exists as the behemoth it was.

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    TSYS (2009)
  • Problem: TSYS needed to push out a retail kiosk solution, there wasn't currently a gift card self-service kiosk in market.
  • The Solution: Infonox helped build the retail kiosk solution using a cookie cutter approach to deliver in record time. TSYS could now start cross selling these kiosks to their merchants for in-store use.
  • Process: I was the design lead for the project. I put together visio flows for the kiosk screen flow, and worked with product, dev to deliver assets. Managed my offshore UI/UX team in the delivery of an interactive prototype and UX assets.
  • Some of the screen flows and screen mockups I worked on (Below). Prototyped it in Flash initially .
  • Success: The product was demoed at the 2009 ETA Retail show in Las Vegas with a lot of interest and this was followed by a year of on-site demoes for various companies and proposals.

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    INFONOX/TSYS (2008)
  • The problem: The time to plan, gather requirements, build and deploy self-service solutions took nearly 6-9 months
  • The solution: PRE-BUILD a suite of self-service kiosk products tailored to different industries, so that the time to deploy could be as soon as 3 months, if the buyer settles on the existing product features and just wanted to re-brand and modify/customize components of the solution. These would be for industries like: Self Service ATM, Quick Service Restaurant, Hotel/Resort, Tickets for Cinema/Theater, Check cashing, Billpay, Money Transfers.
  • Process: So, I was the design lead on what was called an "Active suite" of Self Service Kiosk products. This would be a set of ready to go Self-Service kiosks that were designed and built with specific features that could be customized for the buyer.
  • One of the first few was the Hotel/Resort Active kiosk (see below).
  • Seeing that this was primarily an engineering project at the time, I set out by defining what the requirements were in close collaboration with the VP of Product. Multiple iterations of the requirements lead to a set of Visio flows (see below). I then worked with my UI team in India to create the screens and flow and prototyped it in Flash.
  • Around 2007, negotiations began for what would be the acquisition of Infonox by a larger company TSYS (Now Global Payments) and this work slowed down. It would pick up again in 2008 when my new role at TSYS was in full swing.

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